Eyelash Extensions & Maintenance

Eyelash extensions add volume, length and thickness to your eyelashes. Mascara draws attention to your eyes and if they are short and have less volume people will more likely notice. Also, never leave mascara in your lashes over night because it will increase the chances of your lashes to fall out.

The procedure takes between one and two hours and lasts between four to six weeks. Maintaining best results with your extensions require refills. This application is for people who wear fake eyelashes, who have thin eyelashes, damaged eyelashes, or who want a fuller eyelash look without mascara. This is not for people who are allergic to latex or pick at their eyelashes frequently.

This link provides a good source information about the details of the synthetic eyelashes used for the extensions: Synthetic Extension Details.

Refrain from swimming, extraneous activities, or washing your eyelashes within the first 24-hour period after lashes are applied. You should switch your eyeliner to oil free in order to prevent the adhesive from breaking down. You must clean and brush out your lashes daily as part of the upkeep and keep your eyes away from sources of intense heat. Heat can be avoided on hot days at the beach by wearing sunglasses. Also ignore heat from the grill, blow-dryers, and tanning beds. The adhesive is the link between your lashes and the synthetic extensions. 


During the application or refills headphones are a good companion to bring to this painless procedure.

Before Application Instructions:

Avoid caffeinated beverages eight hours prior to extensions to application process due to eye fluttering.

Remove all mascara and eye makeup.

After Eyelash Extensions:

It is important to keep your eyelashes away from water for the first twenty-four-hours after each application.

When cleaning your new lashes use an oil free cleanser such as a gentle baby shampoo.

Then gently brush dry your lashes with a clean spoolie brush, to keep them from getting tangled or pulled on.

Finally avoid oily makeup and makeup removers around the lashes.


You must not rub or pick at your lashes or eyes with the extensions.

If you have bad allergies around the eyes then do not get the procedure to avoid agitation.

If you cry a lot or have a lot of watering around the eyes the attachments may have a harder time attaching to your natural lash. This is because the adhesive will be interrupted and the lashes will not set correctly when being applied.

Keep extensions out of direct sunlight by wearing protective eye-wear or glasses to avoid adhesive failure.


Classic Application

This is a natural looking application to give you fuller eyelashes. This is a full service which includes applying one extension per natural lash. The process can take up to two hours and thirty minutes. The cost is two hundred and fifty dollars for the initial procedure. The cost of the refills are sixty dollars and they last between two and six weeks before a refill is needed. Refills depend on how well the eyelash extensions are maintained between appointments and personal preference.