The Perfect Location

Salon Couture is located on King Street in historic Charleston, South Carolina. Moments away from the areas hotels and resorts. Located in an Original 19th century building. The salon may possess old southern charm and beautiful open sky lights but our skilled stylists apply modern techniques in hair styling and coloring. Our motto at Salon Couture is, “Let the Hair Speak for Itself”. The salon offers beautiful natural lighting, large antique windows and the most talented artists in the area who have perfected their skill with the perfect combination of training and continuing education.

Notes on Natural Lighting

Natural light provides a better lighting environment because "daylight... most closely matches the visual response that, through evolution, humans have come to compare with all other light" (Franta and Anstead 1994).

Fluorescent and artificial lighting attempts to reproduce what the sun provides for us. We believe the natural lighting is the best way to judge a hairs color and work with the color. 



302B King Street  |  Charleston, SC 29401  |  843.853.0505  |  After Hours Text 843.817.6395