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Great Lengths as an Investment

Great Lengths extensions are not easily distinguishable from your own hair and the bonding is very thin and almost invisible. Great Lengths are a long-term investment that last up to about 6 months (This depends on how fast your hair grows. If your hair grows quickly they may last less and vice versa) that involves maintenance both at the salon and at home. Carol Froes recommends removal every 4 to 6 months, depending upon the type of application performed (i.e. lengthening, more volume), the state/condition of the natural hair, and your lifestyle.

In addition to the bonding investments, Great Lengths has developed its brand by giving priority to quality. Great Lengths hair is in fact treated with the same sophisticated method of cashmere and adopts its same concept of removing the pigments rather than breaking them up through the bleaching process which is certainly faster, less expensive but too aggressive.  

Maintaining your Hair Extensions

When you leave the salon with your great lengths hair extensions the critical maintenance begins. If you want the best value and quality from your extension then you need to care for them properly. I recommend finding the right hair care products and brushes so your hair extensions are healthy and long-lived. Carol Froes at Salon Couture can give you the advice you need with a free 15-minute consultation to look at your hair extensions or talk about them as an option for your hair.

How to properly take care of your Hair Extensions

Once you have decided on professional hair extensions or thickening, in order to enjoy your extensions as long as possible, we recommend you keep the appointments scheduled to help with great lengths hair extension maintenance. Carol Froes will assist you by answering questions, granting requests, and giving you instructions on how to care for your hair depending on your lifestyle. Proper hair care is important for long lasting enjoyment from your extensions.

Please read the following care instructions and follow them in your daily care! It’s worth it!


The Dos:

  • Braid your hair before going to bed. This will help against knots and should be done with naturally long hair as well.

  • When drying hair, dry bonding areas first. This will protect the bonds.

  • Have your hairdresser cut your hair for a more cared after look.

  • Only use brushes with soft bristles. This will help ends and bonds.

  • Brush thoroughly twice a day.


The Don'ts:

  • Do not use products that contain alcohol.

  • Do not brush with twisted knots. They may be at the bonds.

  • Never shampoo, brush or dry your hair with your head upside down.


Shampoo your hair very thoroughly, preferably twice a week. When doing so, be sure to be as gentle on the bonds as possible! Carol recommends never washing your hair with your head down but instead keep your head up. This is easiest in the shower or at your salon. Please remember, Great Lengths hair care products must be used for warranty purposes. Great Lengths care line was specifically developed for the needs of premium genuine hair strands offered as a service. Your natural hair will also benefit from the quality of the products.

Squeeze your hair, do not rub. Then properly arrange the damp strands and carefully brush with the proper tool (Great Lengths brush). When blow-drying, start at the root and the bonds, then the shaft and tips. Carol recommends slightly blow drying the bonds when allowing your hair to air dry.

To ensure gentle brushing and combing, Carol recommends arranging your hair daily. To do so, place your fingers between the fusion and the scalp and run through your hair from roots down. Carol will gladly show you the correct technique! Please, never brush your hair completely wet, only whilst damp or semi-dry! Wavy hair should only be brushed after shampooing, since the curls may become frizzy from frequent brushing. Use a hair pick or your fingers for your morning hair routine. Slightly dampen the genuine hair strands and scrunch up curls. Straight hair should be combed thoroughly morning and night. When doing so, hold on to the genuine hair strands at the root and brush carefully, without tugging, from the tips to the root.

Since your extensions act exactly the same as your own hair, you are not limited during your free time. With extensions you can enjoy your vacation to the full. If you go to the beach your hair will need special care, so we advise you to shower in order to remove salt from your hair and use a specific Energy Conditioner and lotion for hair afterwards available through Carol Froes or on the Great Lengths Website.

The hair should be braided before bed. This will effectively prevent tangles!

Extensions can easily withstand the usual styling methods. However, they should always be done by a professional licensed and certified with Great Lengths tools and hair. Carol Froes is the specialist in Charleston, South Carolina.

The latest findings from fundamental research, two intensive years of development and thorough practical tests. To see the products available talk to Carol at the Salon so she can order them for you. Great Lengths allows only licensed professionals to order the equipment.